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The main attraction of the town is the thermal lake which is the largest biologically active, natural thermal lake of the world which refreshes both the body and the soul. The oldest and most well-known bath of Hungary, in accordance with records from the Roman era, has a history of 2000 years. The Hévíz treatment, in its present sense, also dates back more than 200 years. The 4.4 ha lake is fed by its spring rushing up at a depth of 38 m, containing sulphur, radium and minerals. Due to the high water output of the spring, the water of the lake is completely changed within 48 hours. The water of the thermal lake is warmed by geothermal energy; its temperature is the result of the mixture of warm spring waters and karst water gushing forth from the depth of the earth. The temperature of the water is 23-25 C in winter and 33-36 C in summer. The marsh-land surrounding the lake is protected by law. The spring cave and the lake are also particularly protected natural phenomena. The fauna and flora of the lake is unique due to the temperature of the water and its specific composition. The Mediterranean climate, the colorful attractions of the Pannon-land, the various festivals for all age-group and taste make a relaxing or healing holiday in Hévíz complete.


Keszthely is a town of almost 24.000 inhabitants at the north-western corner of Lake Balaton. It's one of the largest cities of Balaton shore, traditional cultural and educational centre, university town. Currently it is one of the most popular places of Hungary visited by lots of tourists, probably because of its nice old city, historic monuments, museums, cultural programs and the closeness of Hévíz.
At the beginning of the 18th century Keszthely got under the ownership of the Festetics family. In 1745 they built a pompous castle and replaced the centre of their domains here. The first high-level agricultural institute of Europe (called Georgikon) was established in 1797 by Count György Festetics. The Major Museum - established from the former educational manor of Georgikon - is located in Bercsényi Street. Beyond the history of the Hungarian high-education of agriculture, collection of cultivation of cereals and viticulture, cartwright's and smith's, workshop and exhibition of coaches therein. Leaving the Fő tér southwards we can get to the neo-baroque building of Balaton Museum handed over in 1928. History of surroundings of Balaton, plants and animals of the lake, museum of Roman and mediaeval stonework finds in the Museum. Programs of summer season in Keszthely start already at the end of April with Helikon Festival. Opening of Summer Season is followed by the programs of Balaton Festival in May. Classical music programs of Festetics Palace are of national fame, beyond solo evenings and concerts of chamber-music, master courses are held there too. The program called Summer Theatre of Keszthely is held in July and August in the park of the palace. The Wine Festival in August attracts many visitors. In the Pantheon in the Promenade you can find plaques commemorating the famous figures and events related with Keszthely. In the city centre you can find the Doll Museum and the Marchpane Museum.

"Egregyi Kerék" Wine Cellar

A short way of the centre of Hévíz you can find the nice rolling wine-district of Egregy. The little wine-village with its aged wine-cellars, narrow streets, and an art-relic-church from the 13th century is the perfect place for pleasure-seekers, who&'d like to discover the ambit and try out the local ways of amusement. The wine cellar called "Kerék" awaits you in this lovely ambit, offering you top wines, tasty dishes and familiar atmosphere.



Visit the largest lake in Central Europe, and sail the waves with a sail-boat! During the 3-5 hours long journey you can sail the lake and visit the beautiful shorelines of the northern and southern shores. If you are an experienced sail-boat driver, you can sail with the boat on your own. We heartily give opportunity for the amateur "sailors" too, you can order for a training cruise, where the captain shows you the basics of sailing.

Balloon flight

If the land of the region is beautiful, then take this view up to 3000 feet, and you will be left without words. On every sunny days in the summer the Balaton Ballooning organizes balloon cruising. Fly up high in the sky, and enjoy the unmatched sight while you descend on the wings of the winds. The entire tour takes about one hour + the transfer there and back to the lift-off and landing zone.


We are glad to welcome you in our hotel. In the beautiful surroundings there are many kinds of sights, so besides the relaxing we are waiting for you with many ways of active recreation and numerous organized programs.
Hungary can be proud of its wonderful places, sights, castles and monuments. We would like to help you giving some travel tips to admire the most beautiful points of our country, to visit our national worth and to get to know our history, culture and traditions. The top destinations are: Budapest, Pécs, Herend, Sümeg, the uplands of Lake Balaton, Vienna, Zagreb, etc. If you would like to spend the evening outside the hotel we can offer you many specific organized programs in the ambit (traditional dance show, wine tasting, rustic wedding, gypsy love, etc.). For further information just ask at the reception.

Sights in the ambit:

  • Cserszegtomaj - Sight Tower with a beautiful panorama from Hévíz and Lake Balaton
  • The town of Keszthely
  • Keszthely - Festetics Castle
  • Keszthely - Georgikon Museum
  • Keszthely - Balaton Museumv
  • Keszthely - City Beach
  • Hévíz - Thermal Lake
  • Hévíz - Wine-cellars of Egregy


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