Hotel Kalma- Hévíz, Hungary - The oasis of relaxation


The health treatments of our highly qualified personnel - including rheumatologists - are available for everyone. Our treatments supplement the remedial effects of the Hévíz Thermal Lake perfectly!

Beyond healing treatments you can take advantage of our wellness area complemented with freshwater-whirlpool, sauna and massage.


  • - specialist medical examination
  • - laser therapy
  • - laser acupuncture
  • - electro acupuncture
  • - curative mud therapy
  • - underwater massage
  • - four-cell bath
  • - hydroxeur
  • - medical calisthenics
  • - massage (alternative)
  • - electrotherapy
  • - salt therapy
  • - magnetic field therapy
  • - pedicure
Hévíz Hotel Kalma - gyógyszolgáltatások, ambuláns kúrák Slide 4 Hévíz Hotel Kalma - gyógyszolgáltatások, ambuláns kúrák Slide 3 Hévíz Hotel Kalma - gyógyszolgáltatások, ambuláns kúrák Slide 2 Hévíz Hotel Kalma - gyógyszolgáltatások, ambuláns kúrák Slide 1


After our specialist carries out a medical examination she will recommend a 7, 14 or 21 Day Treatment, tailor made to your needs.

The hydro, physio and mechano therapies are successfully adaptable in the case of following illnesses: backbone abrasion, degenerative illnesses, circulation problems, chronic locomotion disease (rheumatism) and other gynecological illnesses, curing after effects, treating earlier neurology and inflammations, myalgia, the alleviation of the arthritis, calcification, muscle tones (inflammation), assanging if pain, muscle debility and rigidity, a follow-up care of joint injury, the reparation of the joint’s damaged function and backbone’s.


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