Hotel Kalma- Hévíz, Hungary - The oasis of relaxation
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HOTEL KALMA in the centre of the spa town Héviz

Hotel Kalma is a perfect place to recharge!

Our newly built and exclusive Hotel is situated in the centre of the spa town Héviz and is only a few minutes walk away from the Thermal Lake.
The hotel combines the highest standards of comfort, service, world-known health spa treatments and pampering.
Whether you join us for couple of days of relaxation, massage and spa or for longer treatments, we are looking forward to have You with us!


BEST PRICE guaranteed!

Every year more than 1500 people book our online interface. Calculate yourself without constraints, book with us and we will give you a gift!

ABOUT US - a few minutes walk away from the Thermal Lake

We are located in the peaceful heart of Heviz minutes from the Thermal Lake

Our spacious apartments, wellness facilities and friendly staff mean you will have a great time in Heviz!

Our Therapeutics Department provides Rheumatology Treatments, Cure Packages, Medicinal and Wellness Treatments. All treatments are tailor made to your individual needs.

To match the gastronomic delights of Hungary with the wines of the region simply enter our restaurant and let our helpful staff guide you!


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